Friday, January 29, 2016

Little Loves

Well I had taken sometime off of updating my blog for a while
and I'm now back with little snippets of my girls.
I've been very active on my Instagram since that's my main source of social media that I enjoy.
I love being able to share little updates of my girls on there.
What I love, what we enjoy, and occasionally what we eat.
If you ask my husband,
he'd tell you that I take cooking pretty seriously.
Not only do I cook with love,
but I show my love by how I present my plates to them.
Any ways, so yeah,
I had gone a bit MIA.
But here's a small update on us.
We're doing good.
We are happy.
We are healthy.
God is great!
What more can I ask for.
I did say I would update some of my older posts,
but we'll see.
I love being away from my computer for now,
that updating is least of my concern.
I just want to enjoy my life,
my girls,
and my husband as much as I can.
I currently have also been posting over at my VSCO account.
Feel free to check it out.
To those who have,
thanks for the love.
And to the ones who lurk,
thanks for the love too.
(I also have the link posted on my Instagram)
happy Friday yall.
And may
Jehovah Always Bless You.

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