Tuesday, February 9, 2016

18 Months Old

My Rowan Eleanor,
you are officially 1.5 years old.
This moment right now,
we've hit another of our goals.
I have been nursing you for 18 months.
The bond we have is undeniably strong.
You're such a fast learner.
You've started doing puzzles,
and are quite good at them.
You still love to sign,
your favorite being "baby".
Of course,
you LOVE babies right now.
You want all the babies.
And one of them is your stuffed cat.
Or how we call him "Gato!"
He goes everywhere with you.
You're constantly hugging and kissing your babies,
and us too.
You're very affectionate.
When you get in trouble,
you are quick to kiss and hug us,
in hopes that we forget what you did.
Let's be honest.
It works.
The way you pucker you lips is just darling.
You are such an amazing little being.
We love you so much!
Happy 18 months my little love.

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