Friday, February 19, 2016

Little Life of Mine

Oh what wonderful days we've been having.
Though, I'm hardly on here updating how we're doing,
I'm glad to update that we are doing just fine.
We're all in good health.
We're all doing well.
We're all very much in love.
And we have an amazing God.
Though not much has happened around here,
we've managed to stay busy at home.
My girls are the center of my life.
Being a SAHM verything revolves around them.
So it's always fitting that I do things to expand their imagination.
We've been doing a lot of reading.
But above all we've all, been learning.
I love that we've set no limit to what Levia wants to learn.
One day she's building,
another day she's learning her states,
or she's learning about our presidents,
learning sign language,
and some Spanish.
It's a lot for a 3 year old,
but she enjoys it all.
Who are we to stop her?
In all this,
Rowan too is included.
Though it's all too advanced for her,
she's always determined to follow her sister.
She's her little shadow.
The bond they have is a beautiful one.
I hope it's like that always.
How lucky am I to have been blessed with this little life of mine.

(Below, some Valentine's d├ęcor with Levia's and Rowan's paintings.)

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