Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My Luna Girls

My girls,
you both have been playing together more than ever.
Currently Levia,
you are almost 4,
and you Rowan,
 almost 21 months.
Birthday party for both you girls is right around the corner.
What day will we celebrate?
We have yet to decide on.
Daddy might have to leave for work.
What a bummer.
you both have been growing beautifully.
ya'll have also started wrestling.
Jumping on one another's back,
sitting on each other's legs,
pulling each other to the ground,
and rolling around while laughing uncontrollably.
Of course,
somewhere in all this craziness,
one of you will always cry.
But only for a minute.
I love watching ya'll play.
Something about watching you both explore fills my heart with joy.
I hope and pray you both continue to grow with a bond that no one can break.
May you both always be the best of friends.
Mama loves you a lot.


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