Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My Luna Girls

It's been a while since I've posted anything of my girls.
Once again,
I managed to snap a few photos of my girls during playtime today.
Watching them explore and grow right before my eyes has been such an honor.
A blessing I should say.
I cherish these moments more than anything.
There are times where going back to school and working is something I miss sometimes.
And then I tell myself,
I have one life.
We don't get do-overs.
Since I'm lucky enough to be able to stay home with my girls,
that's where I choose to spend my time.
I want to watch them grow.
Those things that I want,
school, work, a social life with people my age,
they can wait.
So what if I go back to school in my late 20's or early 30's.
It's never too late to do anything you want.
I'm happy where I am.
I don't want to be 50 and say,
"I wish I could have spent more time with my girls."
I want to look back and know that I was always there.
We don't do baby sitters either.
We don't rely on anyone to help us raise our girls.
We take pride in knowing we've raised our girls on our own.
And we plan to always keep it that way.
We don't go out without our girls.
We are a family.
And we will always do everything together.
My family is everything to me.
I love you my Luna girls.
Levia and Rowan.
-Love Mama


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