Wednesday, June 15, 2016

22 Months Old

My precious Rowan Eleanor,
you are officially 2 months away from turning 2.
Yes, my love,
that's right.
You're growing beautifully.
You are stubborn,
hard at listening,
and totally opposite of your sister.
If we say no,
you say yes.
If we say down,
you go up.
If we say don't touch,
you touch.
With that being said.
You also have a heart of gold,
you are loving,
you are nurturing,
you love love.
You love playing Mama with your babies.
You love them.
You feed them.
You clothe them.
You change their diapers.
Seeing you play in such a way,
I know I must be doing something right.
I love that we have our way of showing love.
We do Eskimo kisses.
We do butterfly kisses.
We sign "I love you" to each other.
My Rowena.
I pray that Jehovah continues to bless you,
may you always be in good health.
And may you always know that you are loved.
We will be here for you always.

I can't leave my Leviosa out.
I love you Levia!
You'll be turning 4 this Saturday.


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