Monday, June 20, 2016

Levia Turns 4!

Happy 4th birthday my flamingo-gooskie girl.
You have no idea how blessed we are to have such a wonderful girl to share
and live this wonderful life with.

I'll never tire of telling you how much we adore you.
I hope you enjoyed your day and that we created memories that'll last a lifetime.
We may not have thrown you a party,
but you'll get one soon.
Once Daddy is back home from work,
we're going big baby girl.
You and your sister are going to have the best day ever.
We love you my Caroline.
I pray that you grow up with love in your heart,
love for yourself,
love for those around you,
compassion for all those around you too,
and wisdom to know right from wrong.
I pray you never fear the right to stand up for the weak-hearted.
I love you so much.
May Jehovah bless you,
with many more years
and many years of good health.

Happy birthday Levia Caroline!

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