Wednesday, August 10, 2016

24 Months Old

Happy 2nd birthday my Little Rowena!
My baby girl,
you're growing so fast and I'm not ready for more changes.
I want you to stay little just a little bit longer.
But I know you'll grow up just fine.
I want the "need" that you have for me to never fade.
As the days continue to pass,
I know you nursing is one step closer to an end.
I love how we spend this time cuddling.
How you reach up and play with my mouth.
How you caress my chest to signal that your fading into your slumber.
I want these little moments to last a little bit longer.
My precious baby girl.
I pray that your future is always bright.
Always happy.
And that you find yourself always in good health.
I love you baby.
To the moon and back
Happy birthday Rowan!
By the way,
we're not doing your party yet,
but when we do,
it's going to be beautiful.



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