Sunday, August 14, 2016

Happy Birthday My Luna Girls

We finally managed to celebrate both Levia and Rowan's birthday.
This year we managed to pull off a shared party and it was a success.
I'm so glad that everything went smoothly.
We started of with breakfast, snacks, and then cake.
After we opened present and made our way to the mall for our annual photo booth
family pictures.
It's a tradition we've been doing since Levia turned one,
that we plan to continue every year until either girl says,
"that's it!"
The rest of the day consisted of going to our local doggie shop for dog food,
a trip to the bookstore,
lunch at wholefoods,
a quick run to target,
and snow cones and play time at the park.
The park was the icing to our cake.
Everything about being there was perfect.
We ate our snow cones on the boardwalk where we were watching the perfect view of the bay.
Fish swimming by,
boats sailing by,
and the sun setting over the water.
These are the days that I wish could never end.
Enough of that,
and let's enjoy the party photos.
And if I remember,
I'll update with the photo booth picture.


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