Monday, August 10, 2015

12 Months Old

Happy 12 months my Rowan Eleanor!
Though many are waiting for this to be a Happy First Birthday post,
I'll be postponing that for another time.
Right now, we're celebrating her 12 months of life and updating what she's been up to.
Sadly, with my husband's crazy work schedule, we won't be celebrating Rowan's birthday today.
We just got home from Texas, he just got home from work, and getting things ready to throw a party isn't do-able.
But it's okay. It's not like she'll remember what day exactly we celebrated her first birthday.
And of course, I'm a perfectionist when it comes to party throwing that when we do celebrate it, it's going to be one for the book.
Yup, you heard that.
I'll be making a book for Rowan just like it did for Levia.
We went off topic.
This past month has seriously flown by.
Rowan is constantly on the go.
She loves to climb on everything.
Chairs, step stools, tables, and the sofa.
She's still a master crawler and walking when she's holding on to furniture.
She loves food.
Everything I make, she'll eat it!
She loves to dance.
She says "Mam!" & "Dada!"
She loves giving wet, opened mouthed kisses.
We're still EBF!
Hooray because we hit the one year mark of breastfeeding!
Rowan, you may not walk and I'm not sure when you'll be ready, but I'll be here to catch you when you fall.
And that goes in life.
Your Mama will forever be here.
Through your highs and your lows,
I promise you that your father and I will forever stand by your side.
We love you so much!
My Rowan Eleanor!

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