Monday, August 24, 2015

Breastfeeding Journey Part 5

It feels like forever since I've been able to update,
but I'm doing it now.
Rowan is going on 13 months and we're still going strong in our breastfeeding journey.
These past few months Rowan has been nursing like crazy.
I feel like she's attached to the boob more than ever before.
After we introduced solid foods,
I noticed a change on how many times she was breastfeeding.
With our trip to Texas,
she found comfort dealing with the change by breastfeeding.
I am so happy that we have come this far.
We have reached another goal!
To me, all of this just means our bond is continuing to grow.
I love how she holds on to my clothes while she nurses.
Or how she gently glides her hand across my chest caressing me while she's dozing off.
How she finds time to play and laugh while latched on.
Breaking her latch to let out the perfect smile.
Gosh, my heart melts.
I know once this journey of ours is over,
I will forever miss these little moments.
I have been doing my best to capture our precious moments.
Here's to months 9-12 of our journey.

(Some of these photos may have previously been posted,
so I apologize. )

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