Saturday, August 29, 2015

Happy First Birthday Rowan!

Happy birthday my beautiful Rowan!
We finally celebrated your day and we had such a wonderful time.
You my little love,
have no idea how much your are loved.
I hope one day you look back and realize that even when you were too little to remember things,
we did our best to capture all these lovely moments.
I do my best to make sure everything is perfect and beautiful.
You and your sister deserve the absolute best.
My baby,
this past year has been amazing.
You complete our family.
My girls,
you two are all we will ever need.
at such a young age,
can do so much.
You amaze us.
You can say a few words,
you're favorite being:

& Bad
You can sign a few words:
& Finish
You love to listen to music and you love love love to dance!
You have 6 teeth,
some which are still trying to come out,
but we can see them.
You love you hum yourself to sleep sometimes,
and you have the cheesiest of smiles.
We adore it.
You can pick up a pen and scribble with no help.
You love watching "Your Baby Can Read!"
And you love flipping through books,
always pointing at the pictures and trying to do your best to talk about what you see.
You point a lot and say "Oh!" frequently.
You're a Mommy's Girl and I am enjoying the bond we have as we continue on our breastfeeding journey.
You love playing with your big brother Chancho.
You try to cuddle him and you're always kissing him.
You're the best kisser in the world!
You don't walk yet, but you do stand up on your own.
My Rowan Eleanor,
I can't wait to see what the future holds for us.
But, I pray that Jehovah continues to bless you with many more.
I pray that you continue to have good health,
and that you never feel alone or sad.
We promise to always do our best to be the best that we can be.
We love you always
Rowan Eleanor.
Happy Birthday!
Love- Mama 

(Below are the snacks we provided for our girls:
Pirate's Booty Corn Puffs
Back to Nature Chocolate Chunk Cookies
& Barbara's Snackimal Cookies)

(Will update later with phone pictures too!)

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