Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Mamava Pods

Okay Mamas,
as some may now know I have hit my one year mark of nursing my little Rowan.
It was not an easy journey but it has been so rewarding.
The bond I have with my baby girl is amazing.
The fact that I am providing and nourishing her is something that empowers me,
that makes me feel like I am some sort of super woman.
With nursing, I did hit some bumps along the way.
Finding the proper way to nurse,
the time to nurse in public without offending anyone was always a struggle.
Even nursing under a cover was difficult.
I was constantly glancing over my shoulder and trying to see if someone was looking at me with a horror face.
Though, I never experience anyone who seemed to have taken offense,
I was always cautious to never cross that line.
Recently I started hearing about the Mamava nursing pods that have been popping up around the U.S.
These things sound like lifesavers for mom that are always on the go.
Or for moms who are like me and haven't jumped on the whole "Free the Nipple" wagon.
I pump at times, and always at home.
If I could pump outside of my house I'd gladly do it.
That's why I would love to have a nursing pod in my area.
Wouldn't you?
The highlighted link above allows you cast a vote on where you'd love to have a pod installed.
If the place that your have been wanting isn't on the map, then simply make an account and add the area you would love to have one.
Spread the word to fellow nursing/pumping moms and get those votes!
You never know, they might just add a Mamava pod in your area.
Below is a photo of one of these pods.
(Photo credit: SeventhGeneration

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