Monday, September 14, 2015

13 Months Old

My dearest Rowan Eleanor,
you are 13 months old and you are one brilliant baby.
You have brought us so much joy.
We love you so much
and pray that you continue to grow beautifully
and full of health.
You did something this past month that we weren't ready for.
My girl,
you took your first steps.
(September 10, 2015 - same day as grandpa's birthday!)
Since then you have taken more steps and are getting better at walking.
You are doing an amazing job my love.
Another thing you love to do,
is find body parts that we tell you to point at.
You can do a few like your head and ears,
and we commend you for trying to always point at other parts of your body.
You get the general area correct but have trouble pointing or finding places like your nose and bellybutton.
You love being silly.
Always laughing,
always curious,
always touching,
and always smiling.
You have learned how to smile for the camera.
I say "Smile!"
and you throw your head back, close your eyes, and give me the biggest smile ever.
You're silly baby girl.
We're still watching your baby show and you love it.
We listen to music on the record player and you dance to the tunes.
You love it when we sing to you.
You'll drop whatever your doing and rock to the rhythm.
You have been loving on your big sister so much.
You both are always kissing each other.
When I see you both being like that,
I know that I am doing something right.
Since we're on the "sisters" topic,
Rowan you have learned to defend what you have.
You'll have a toy in your hands,
when all of a sudden your sister will get jealous.
She'll come over and try to take it from you.
You swing your arms around away from her,
making sure that she does not take it from you.
It's one silly scene.
For the most part,
you both are good at sharing.
Well my love,
we'll see what next month will be in store.
We love you so much
my 13 month old baby.
(BTW, I'll be doing these type of posts until Rowan is 24 months)


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