Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday Feels

Well today was an eventful day.
It started off with a lot of rain,
and I mean a lot of rain.
I had to actually go outside and cover up my plants for
 fear of them being pummeled by the heavy rain.
Luckily by noon,
though the weather looked a bit gloomy,
it proved to be a beautiful day.
We missed the Farmer's Market again,
but it's okay,
it's not like it was going on with all the morning rain.
So instead,
we opted to go buy plants and homes for
the plants that need to be replanted.
all my plants have been growing beautifully.
Yay! Me.
I can't wait to rehome my basils.
I swear they look like I bought them fresh off the shelf,
when in fact they all came from a tiny little seed.
Most of my plants are from seeds,
minus the ivies and our fiddle leaf fig tree.
Btw, our fiddle leaf is almost as tall as me!
She's a beauty.
Today, I re-shined her leaves and she's looking finer than ever.
As far as my other plants,
our project with Levia will continue tomorrow.
We're rehoming all her little egg planters.
Anyways, we went off topic.
After plant shopping, we took the girls to the park where we had a marvelous day.
Rowan took a lot more steps for us today
and Levia was having the time of her life playing with Daddy.
We ended the day by going to Kim's,
our favorite sushi place.
Small, local, and hands down the best sushi we have ever had.
Now comes the sad part of our day.
Our Dear George is having a difficult day.
We fear he may not make it past tonight.
For those who do not know who George is,
he is our beloved pet Betta fish.
We've had him for a couple of years and love him very much.
Though we do not know what is wrong with him,
we've done a lot to keep him comfortable.
He's actually gotten a bit better since all the TLC we gave him,
but he's still struggling to swim.
We pray that he continues to grace our lives with more years.
It breaks my heart thinking he wont be with us soon.
While he was at his worst I talked to him in a telepathic way,
in hopes that he felt what I was saying.
I cried,
for I know that my girl will not understand the cycle of life.
I cried,
because he a part of our family.
I cried,
because I cannot imagine him leaving us.
I cried,
because though he is a tiny fish,
we love him so much.
we love our fish.
He may be small,
and to the world,
he may not matter.
To us he matters,
he's one of our babies.
So George!
You better pull through.
You've got one little girl who loves you plenty,
and parents who have faith that you'll grow to be healthy again.
You got this!
To brighten up this post a bit.
Some photos we can all enjoy.


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