Saturday, September 5, 2015

Coloring For Grown Ups

I've been seeing intricate coloring books on shelves everywhere I go.
From B&N to Target, they all carry them.
I have also been reading reviews on them,
and everyone out there claims that it's a great way to relax.
And I totally have to agree.
Being a Mother of two,
times can be quite stressful around here.
Finding a way to escape without having to leave the house was a struggle.
I usually unwind by reading a book,
whether it's alone at night or reading to my girls.
This has always been my "go-to" method to unwind.
Now, that has changed.
I've been coloring away lately.
When I color,
my focus shifts to other things.
I drift away and I'm at ease.
Taking my time to mix colors,
pick out colors,
coordinate patterns,
is in some weird way an escape.
When I am needed,
I simply put the pencil down and pick up where I left off.
Other than tending my little garden,
or reading,
coloring is actually fun.
With all the options out there,
I ended up going with Fantastic Cities by Steve McDonald.
(I bought mine at Target - in store)
I am loving all the drawings in this book.
Steve did a fantastic job!
I have always been a big fan of buildings,
the architecture world has always been a form of art to me.
Besides, this book reminds me of how my trip to NYC had left me in "AWE!"
It was only fitting that my first page to color would be a scene of that in NYC.
I'm also going to be a bit honest with you.
I've already spent a few hours coloring and I still have a few more to go before I finish my first page.
I plan to include Levia,
I want her to have fun coloring such beautiful pages too.

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