Monday, October 12, 2015

Lovely Greens

It's been a while since I've posted about my lovely little fellas.
And by fellas,
I'm talking about my plants.
I can say that I've got me a pretty good green thumb.
All my plants have still been growing beautifully and wonderfully.
Especially when it comes to my fiddle leaf fig tree.
Now that bad boy has grown 4 leaves since he's been home with me.
He's a tall fella.
Reaching up to my neck already.
I've taken a few photos of my indoor plants that are posted below.
Though I should have done the same for some of my outdoors,
I can tell you that those plants are growing wonderfully too.
I think I'm growing my first cucumber and I'm so excited about that.
Though I'm not for certain since it looks like size of a grain of rice,
I'm pretty sure it's a cucumber.
My basils are growing taller and taller.
My tomato plants are still green,
and I'm desperately hoping by next year I'll have my first tomato.
To end this post,
here's some green for you to enjoy.


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