Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mid-Week Lovin'

Well, the start of our week was pretty horrible.
It started off with a major downpour of rain.
one of the craziest storms I've ever seen.
And that's without any thunder and lighting.
But boy, oh boy, did we get a lot of rain.
The plans that I had for us was totally ruined,
but luckily I had backup crafting projects I'd been saving for such days.
Today, we managed to have nice sunny day.
Though my girls are a bit under the weather,
mainly Levia,
I know getting some of that Vitamin D will help her get over her little cough.
We made it a pumpkin patch, thrift shopping day.
I'm so glad that after being cooped up inside,
I was able to put some big smiles on my girls.
my girls love being outside.
And, if this weekend proves to have great weather,
then just maybe we can make a trip to Pensacola and go to the Fair.
We go every year, and this year,
well we might not go.
Sunday is the last day,
and we have so my plans.
Whatever we do,
whatever plans we make,
wherever we are,
as long as we are together and having fun,
then I am one happy Mama.

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