Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Silly Flamingo

"I'm a silly flamingo!"
Those are word you can catch Levia saying.
She says she's a flamingo and her favorite color is pink.
I love how she can tell you what she likes at only 3.5
When she's being silly,
I call her "silly goose."
And she always, and I mean always corrects me,
"Mom, I'm not a silly goose. I'm a silly flamingo!"
I have no idea where she came to love flamingos,
but I think she has a love for them because they are pink.
Levia can also tell you that she wants to be a flamingo when she grows up.
My baby girl,
I love her imagination.
Since Halloween is coming up,
I decided I would make a costume for her with clothes she already had.
I added a lot of feathers to her bathing suit tutu.
And I can tell you she loves it so much more now.
She'll also be wearing pink tights, a matching head band,
and I found her some ballerina shoes at Target for $8.
When I told her she would be a flamingo for Halloween,
she was so excited,
seriously I wish I could have recorded how happy she was.
This past Saturday,
Levia went to her first Halloween/Birthday party.
She wore her costume and I could not stop smiling.
When I see her happy,
having fun,
and bonding with others,
my heart grows fuller.
She's the best toddler ever.
(Below are a few photos of her tutu.
I'll be updating with more photos later on.)

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