Wednesday, November 12, 2014

3 Months Old

My goodness, Rowan is now 3 months old.
I find it hard to believe how fast time passes us by.
Rowan has grown so much since our last update.
Her thighs have gotten thicker.
She's getting fuller.
She's starting to laugh.
She's starting to reach for things.
It takes her some time, but she's actually able to grab things and bring them to her mouth.
She's been drooling a lot.
I mean A LOT!
She is still EBF and we have no signs of giving up.
Zero formula for Rowan.
She's been building her leg muscles by standing on my lap for a few seconds each time.
She's gotten better at holding her head up.
Though she can be a little wobbly at times she's pretty good and turning and following movement.
She seems to be a Mama's girl, but it's still too soon.
If she is one, I will owe it to all the breastfeeding sessions we have.
It really is a bonding moment for the both of us.
She's smitten by her sister.
Always smiling when Levia is around her face.
I'm so blessed to have two little girls in my life. 



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