Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My Breastfeeding Journey Part 2

As you all know, I have been exclusively breastfeeding my daughter since birth.
I would love to brag about how easy it has been but that would be a lie.
It has caused me to loose countless hours of sleep because of it.
How many hours I have lost because of breastfeeding is something I do not care about though.
Being able to breastfeed my daughter is a privilege that I do not plan to take for granted.
I have had zero problems to date with nursing Rowan that I consider our journey to be a blessing.
There have been times where I know it would be easy to just make her a bottle, but what keeps me from doing it are the little pep talks I give to myself.
I have found the online community to be a great support on my BF journey.
May it be through Facebook or Instagram, the community there has always been supportive.
Not only has the online community been what motivates me, but also my husband.
He doesn't mind that our freezer has been taken over with packs of breast milk.
Or that I dress in clothes according to "can I BF comfortably?".
To making sure I BF Rowan right before we leave to run errands or have a family dinner.
Through all this he has been my rock.
I owe part of my BF milestone journey to him.
I look forward to posting about my continued breastfeeding journey in a few weeks.
Though not all the photos are of me breastfeeding, most are post nursing.
These are the moments I will cherish forever.

Rowan takes a break from nursing to give me a big gummy grin.
Oh, how she melts my heart!

Catching a break from our busy lives to nurse in the care why my husband runs an errand.

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