Friday, November 14, 2014

Forever Friends

I think one of the greatest decisions we made was getting a dog.
We bought him when we first found out we were expecting our first child.
He's always been a good dog, but boy does he bark a lot.
I never imagined that Levia would have such a strong bond with him.
She has her days where she'll play with him until she wears him out, to days where he doesn't exist in her world.
Though he's a handful some days, he's not too bad.
He's got a bad habit of waking up Rowan when she's napping and scaring Levia when he barks.
We recently took a trip to San Antonio where we almost gave him to my father-in-law.
He loves our dog so much!
His bond with him is so strong.
We almost caved in.
But right when we almost did, Levia was holding Chancho in her arms.
I knew then, that he belongs with us.
He belongs with her.
She loves him.
He is her best friend.
I'm so glad we didn't take him away from her.
It would have been a mistake.
A really big mistake.
No matter how annoying, how bad he can be, he is our family.
I cannot imagine our family without him.
Now, if only we can get his barking under control.


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