Tuesday, November 11, 2014

San Antonio 2014

Another trip to San Antonio is just what we needed.
We went for 2 weeks and enjoyed every second of it.
The only downfall we have whenever we visit, is we always manage to get sick.
We're not used to being around a large group of people.
Somehow, it never fails.
We get the cold or like our last trip, we got some stomach virus.
No matter how sick we get, we always have a good time.
This time we were able to go for two weeks.
We saw family and friends.
No matter how much we dread the drive, for them we'd drive forever.
For many it was their first time meeting Rowan.
Everyone loved her.
As for Levia, well everyone was smitten by her.
Of course they love her too.
But her personality won everyone's heart.
I'm already looking forward to our next trip home.
Here's a bit of what our trip looked like:
(I need to work on taking more photos with our actual camera and not just our phones!)

No joke, Rowan spent all of Halloween evening asleep.

My grandmother with my girls.

Quality time with her great grandfather.

Phone pictures:
First morning in San Antonio.
I remember taking this style of photos of Levia.

Lunch date with my sister.
I loved how this little place looked, and their food was amazing!


Rowan's first Halloween.

First fire of the season.
It was nice being able to share these moments with my girls.

My babes.

Impromptu trip to downtown San Antonio.

Rowan's first trip to the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Levia's first trip to Chuck E. Cheese.
She loved it.

Shopping fun with my sister.

Finally heading home.
Rowan sleeping in our hotel room.
Post nursing smiles from Row.
Not sure how many stops we made and nursed but this photo is my favorite.
Always smiling.
Always happy.


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