Friday, November 20, 2015

3 New Fellas

So we've added 3 new plants into our family,
and we love how well they fit into our home.
There are still a few plants I plan to add,
though I'd love to list which ones they are.
(I don't want to give ideas to a certain someone.)
For now,
I have:
2 -fiddle leaf fig trees
1 -hosta plant
1 -aloe vera
4 -basil plants (from seedlings I planted)
1 -cilantro plant also from a seed I planted
2 -Orchid plants
about 6 -ivy plants located around the house
3 -plants that Levia planted (cilantro, brussel sprouts, & peppers)
1 -small snake plant
and for the newbies
that are now a part of the Luna plant family:
1 -medium/large sized snake plant
1 -monstera plant
1 -tiny rubber plant tree
I'll be updating with new photos of these plants but for now
here's one of our new little fellas.

Isn't she pretty.
Now to finish off my list of plants I will own.
As always,
to be continued.....

My lovely Monstera.

A few of photos from my previous post:


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