Sunday, November 15, 2015

Luna Loves

My girls have been growing so fond of each other.
I love the connection they have.
I wish I could say that they are always kind to one another,
they are like every child out there.
They fight.
They push.
They don't share.
They make each other cry.
they have moments where I wish I could hold the hands of time
 and savor every second a little more.
They share with each other.
They hug.
They laugh together.
They chase each other.
They play together.
They hug and kiss each other.
The way Levia changes her voice and talks to Rowan.
She does some sort of "baby talk" that sounds so nurturing,
so motherly, a voice that evokes love.
They way they hold hands.
The way they dance together.
These are the moments I want to remember forever.
These are the moments that remind me that I am indeed doing something right.
I hope to always capture these moments as best I can.
My Levia and Rowan,
I love you both so much.
I pray that you both always watch each other.
That you both grow with so much love.
May you always show each other love.
Be there for one another.
Lift each other when the other is down.
Be the clown when one of you needs a laugh.
And hold hands when comfort is needed.
I want both of you to be the best of friends.
And may you never forget,
Mama loves you a lot!

(If you noticed from the photo above, we took the girls door off.
I decided that since they are so little and they need to be constantly watched,
a door is not needed. An added plus that we got from this was that we were able to maximize their bedroom space.)


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