Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

This is the first year that we've all been able to enjoy Thanksgiving as a whole family.
And by that,
I mean we were able to enjoy the meal entirely.
And we were able to enjoy each other's company.
It's Thanksgiving number two with the four of us,
and I cannot picture us doing Thanksgiving another way.
I love that we keep it small and simple.
For the 5th time we've cooked duck instead of turkey.
Yup, that's one of our small traditions.
I don't know why we don't cook turkey on this day,
but since my husband and I first had our Thanksgiving,
we've always done duck.
We hope to carry one this tradition for many years to come.
I do have to give a round of applause to my husband.
He baked an apple pie from scratch.
You heard that right,
my man can bake!
He's so good in the kitchen,
that I always tell him he can open us his own bakery.
He's so good at it.
And I'm not going to lie,
that pie was amazing!
on to the topic of Thanksgiving.
On this day many people talk and write about the things they are thankful for,
but for us,
this day is about being together.
Spending time together and enjoying each other over a good meal.
A good home cooked meal.
God has been so good to me that I am forever thankful for the family he's blessed me with.
Things of this world will never compare to what an honor it is to be a Mother.
That itself is a great gift from Jehovah!
I'm also thankful for the wonderful husband I have,
for he goes above and beyond to make sure our little family is well taken care of.
Finally, my girls whom I adore
and will forever love.
I saved them for last in this post,
since I have so many wonderful things to say about them.
After God,
they are my main priority.
If they go to bed with full hearts,
a love for God,
a roof over their heads,
and a full tummy,
then I know I am providing them with everything they need in this world.
I will forever be thankful for my girls.
They are beautiful,
they are smart,
they are silly,
they are sweet,
they are love,
they are clever,
and they are my forever.
So Jehovah,
thank you.
Thank you for giving me this wonderful little family.
 you are great!
May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
And may you love those in your life
more than the things in your life.
For things,
they can not buy love.

I'm sure you can tell I stuck with a color theme.
Yellow, orange, red, & green.

My handmade paper flower/cactus bouquet centerpiece for the girl's table.

Levia & Rowan's
Thanksgiving art.

Check out the uh-mazing pie!


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