Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mommy's Girls

These past few days have been filled with lots of activities.
We've been painting,
and crafting.
Most of it is for Thanksgiving.
This is the one holiday we always look forward to.
(I've previously posted before,
my family does not celebrate Christmas.)
We've always spent it here in Florida.
And one tradition we don't plan on giving up is we always have duck instead of turkey.
You heard that right,
we've always skipped turkey and cooked us some duck.
Levia's been talking about eating duck already,
she seriously can't wait for Thursday.
I can't wait to finish up and set up for Thanksgiving.
I know this year will be a great one,
just like all the other years.
Anyways, I got a little off topic.
But since we've been doing so much around here in preparation for Thursday,
Levia has been awfully close to me.
Something that I find rather new.
She's a Daddy's girl,
by that,
I'm talking about she does everything with him.
If she can choose to do certain things with either of us,
she doesn't have to think twice.
Everything revolves around her father.
Though I get left out a bit,
I love that they have such a strong bond.
So I'm loving the extra attention I've been getting from her.
She's been coming up to me saying,
"Mom, what are we going to do?
What are we going to make, Mom?"
Last night,
for the first time in over a year.
She had me put her to bed.
you read that right.
I find it so hard to believe.
My baby chose me.
I read my girls a book,
and we curled up together,
and went to bed.
I went to bed with such a full heart.
I love my girls.
And I love that other than the fact of being their Mother,
I get to be their best friend.
Thank you Jehovah,
for blessing me with a wonderful life,
and for blessing me with two wonderful little girls.

Though I hardly post photos of myself,
you'll have to excuse my "Mom" look of the day.

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