Tuesday, December 18, 2012

6 Months Old

So the day has finally come, My Little Girl is officially now 6 Months Old. Gosh, I look back and I have trouble figuring out where all the time has gone. It passed by so fast! I'm glad I have gotten the opportunity to take plenty of photos and videos that I can look at and just loose myself in the moment, but today is such a bitter sweet day for me. A part of me can only hope to keep her little forever, but I know that no matter how hard I try to keep that from happening it is inevitable. As we go through this journey together, I can only pray to be the best Mother and Mentor that I can possibly be. She will need guidance, not a best friend to teach and council her when troubles arise. I look at her and boy, has she come a long way. No longer the little baby that would just coo, she has a voice of her own and she lets it be known. I fear she will grow independent a little too fast since I believe every child hits this stage at some point. My heart will break when that day come, but today, right now, I will just enjoy my little one. She needs me now more than ever!
To the happiest little girl in the world, Happy 6 Months Levia!
Since turning the big 6 Months, I went a little over board setting up the background for her photos. Everything was done with scrapbook paper. So very easy!
I made a photo collage of it all. Hope this gives some people future ideas.
On another note, the paper crown she is wearing was also made by me. It's featured on one of my previous blogs. :)

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