Monday, December 10, 2012

Sophie Gets A Leash

I have a feeling that Sophie The Giraffe will be a toy that Levia will grow up with. She has her at all times! Only problem is Levia drops her and throws her at times, I just know she will get lost if we take her out with us. I will also have to worry about Sophie falling on the floor, she'll just keep getting dirty and I won't always be able to wash her at all times. So I have made this little dilemma into my project. I introduce you to Sophie's brand new leash. I made it with some ribbon, a clip, and some needle and thread. It was so easy, it's one less toy I have to worry about landing on the ground. Sophie looks great!
( I would also recommend when it comes to any time of cord, never leave a child unattended. There is always a choke hazard with them. I only leave put the cord on Sophie when Levia is with me to keep her from falling on the ground, if for any reason I decide to let her sleep with it, I take the cord off and keep it far away from her. )

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