Friday, December 14, 2012

New York 2011 and The Bowery House

I cannot believe how fast time has passed by, just last year my husband and I walked through the streets of NYC. We absolutely fell in love with the city that we look forward to going back some day. One would think that New York is an over populated city and that the lifestyle there can be hectic, I would have to disagree. The streets of New York is jam packed with cars and the streets get littered with thrash so easily, but in reality you don't need a car to get around there. The subway system is all you need. I would have thought that we would have had a problem understanding the subway system but it was so easy. We were able to get to our destinations with no problems. Not once did we encounter a rude person, everyone was willing to help with directions. One things that I loved about the city was the amount of art that you can find by just walking through the streets of New York. Everything was just BEAUTIFUL! We went to The Top of the Rock Observation Deck, Empire State Building, MOMA, Museum of Natural History, The Statue of Liberty all by using a CityPass. ( I definitely recommend any one visiting NYC to buy one, it was worth it! We also went to a few other places with out the CityPass. )
Here are just a few of my photos, all taken from my phone. 
This was taken at Moma, I was inside just gazing in awe at all the snow falling. ( It was my first time ever seeing snow. )
This was on our way to the 9/11 memorial site. I couldn't hold back how stunning NYC can be. ( It was about the time when Occupy Wall Street was going on. )
Here I sand on the rooftop of The Bowery House looking into the back alley. I loved how some of the balconies had trees and sun bathing chairs. I guess that's how you get your back yard in the city.
Here, we had stopped to look at a map so that we can decide where we wanted to go next. I couldn't help but to snap a photo of people walking by one the wet, snowed on streets of New York.
I find it to be such a blessing to have been able to got see the memorial site for 9/11. In my heart I can feel the hurt and sadness of everything that was lost that day. To see this place of tragedy turned into a place with so much beauty, I can only say that all of the people of 9/11 will always be remembered. It was breath taking! Absolutely beautiful!
I always though this scene was beautiful, being able to be so high up and look out for miles. It's because of these photos that I would go back. The people there was the cherry on top of the sundae, they are also what made our experience in NYC so memorable. 
While in NYC we stayed at The Bowery House. It was a great experience, never had we stayed in a hostel type hotel, but we would stay there again in a heart beat. The desk clerks and housekeeping were great. The amenities were amazing, from having great refreshments at the front desk, a stunning lounge area, to the beautiful rooftop, ( simply amazing at night!) to the simple yet cozy rooms. I would recommend this place to anyone looking to have a great stay in NYC.
The front entrance of The Bowery House.
A photo of the rooftop from The Bowery House. ( How stunning is this place? )
This last photo is of our room key. I love how they do not use a card like other typical hotels. Everything inside The Bowery House was so elegant, from the showers to even their faucets! They pay close attention letting the little details take center stage.

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