Monday, December 3, 2012

Baby Girl Headbands

One thing that I have found hard to find are cute simple headbands. This is the reason why I have made quite a few for my daughter. Headband DIY projects are always fun! I don't see myself stopping anytime soon.
I have a few different styles that I have made. These are handmade bows from fabric that you can buy at craft stores, a little bit of hot glue, and the bands are from any store that sell them in packs ( I cut them and adjust them to Levia's size).
The nex two are ones that took me a while to make since it has flower and feather details put on them. The pink head band has a vintage ear ring that I sewed on to for an extra girlie touch. As for the brown one I glued a sticker of the letter "L" on to a piece of cardboard and then glued it on to the headband. I love how both came out. (The brown headband was made big so Levia will wear it later).
This white one was made from a pin that I bought at Kohl's. I took off the pin backing and glued the flower on to a hair band. Not only was it so easy, but Levia has a very chic headband to wear with her dresses.
I love this black one especially since it was one of the first headbands I made for her photoshoot. Trying to find a black headband for a baby girl is nearly impossible. I ended up buying this one from Wal-Mart for one dollar. It was what I had been looking for! I cut the band on it and simply adjusted it to Levia's size. ( So easy!) 
These last two were made last night. I love how simple these are. I know I will be making more of them in different colours!


  1. I love them! I'll be making more for Zoey! Thanks for the tips :)