Monday, December 17, 2012

Almost 6 Months

Tonight is the last night my Levia is 5 Months Old. I look back and feel like I just left the hospital. It makes me so sad, in a good way though. Hitting the 6 Month mark, has been on my mind all day long. It means she is one step closer to being a one year old little girl. A part of me wants to hold on to today forever, but I know this chapter of her life will forever be tucked inside my heart. I remember so well how she was the first few weeks after coming home. How she loved being swaddled, or how she would sleep on my husband's chest only to stay curled up even after we had picked her up to put her in her bed, or the soft little snores that I could hear from afar. These little things are what I loved about her. ( Luckily I recorded all these little milestones, so that one day I could just go back, press play, and simply watch my NewBorn baby girl. ) Today, she knows what she wants, she knows what makes her happy, she laughs at the silliest things, I know what her cries mean, but above all, I simply just love her for her. She is my first born, my daughter, my other half, and my first true love. I will embrace tonight the best possible way I can, and just keep in mind that no matter how much it hurts to see her grow I will just have to capture every moment, even if it means over doing it.
I will be the best Mother to you always my Little Levia. I may dread you getting older, but I know for a fact that no matter what, you will forever by my Baby Girl. When you see me tomorrow, I will welcome you with a "Happy 6 Months My Love!"

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