Wednesday, December 18, 2013

18 Months Old

The halfway point of 1 and 2.
Where has the time gone. It's as if Levia is already turning 2, but we still have a ways to go. (Luckily!) So much has happened. I can really tell that Levia has actually grown. This month she wore her birthday dress. It fits perfectly! I remember it was so long when she wore it last, now it's a little above the knee. I love how stunning she looks.
She has been talking so much this month. Also naming animals like cat, duck, lion, and elephant. She's even been dancing and singing. She has yet to watch any sort of television so I'm sure she's trying to sing her nursery rhymes. She still signs milk, eat, more, finish, and diaper. When she signs "I love you" I think it's the cutest. Of course she doesn't sign it correctly but she always tries. One thing she has impressed me with is that she's now saying "love you". My heart just melts when she says those two lovely words.
She's still adventurous. Climbing up everything! Our girl has no fear.
This month has also been filled with Levia teething. I have never seen her drool and teeth so bad. It doesn't affect her at all, but she will chew on everything and anything.
I'm ready to see what this next month will bring. What will she say? What will she learn?
I just know that I'll love her so much more.
She's the apple of my eye.
My world.
Happy 18 Months Levia!


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