Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hello December

I'm serious when I say that right now is the perfect time to be at the beach. It has yet to get cold!
We've  had countless hours of fun at Destin, that it's becoming our hangout spot on weekends.
The sunsets are dreamy here!
With winter coming up, I know we better soak up all this fun.
Today, Levia had a bit of trouble enjoying the beach. We were almost ready to leave since all she wanted to do was cry. Luckily we convinced ourselves to stay. It was well worth it. Levia managed to chase some seagulls, play in the sand, wave hello/goodbye to airplanes, and with all that, she seriously had one of the best days.
I do have to admit, the amount of airplanes we saw took away some of Levia's fun. They tend to scare her depending how loud of a noise they make. Eventually she was able to enjoy every second of today.

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