Monday, December 9, 2013

Cat Hanger

Finally, my fabulous purchase for Levia came in!
Her new Cat Hanger.
I have been wanting this for Levia's wall. Of course I waited until Urban Outfitters offered free shipping since I hate paying for shipping.
I actually assumed this hanger was going to be smaller than what I expected. I was wrong. It's big! I plan to hang Levia's tulle capelet.
She's loving this hanger. Rocking it from side to side and trying to run off with it, she thinks it's a new toy.
 I love the details, even if it's printed on wood, I think the quality is pretty good.
The neat thing is that UO offers quite a few different choices of these hangers. From a fox, skull, a black cat, to two different choices of dogs.



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