Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Levia's Book

I have seriously put weeks and countless hours into this book. It was all worth it.
When I first started, I didn't see how I could ever fill up 60 pages. Luckily, we had many weekends at the beach, the Pensacola Fair, library trips, and trips to the Pensacola Children's Museum. With out all of this, there is no way I would have ever completed this book.
We've enjoyed many sunsets at the beach this year. It's December and the cold has yet to really come. I know we'll still be spending time there these next few weeks.
I had never planned on making Levia a book. I just didn't really know how to or where to even start. With so many companies out that allow you to make a book, I never knew which one would produce a book with good quality. Luckily, I entered Puj's Father's Day giveaway. I didn't expect to win, but I did. I know Robert wouldn't want me to make a book about him or us. So we both decided that making Levia a book would be the best option.
Artifact Uprising is the company we won the gift card to. It's a company located in Colorado that specializes in making books and printing your Instagram photos. They just started printing your photos on to postcards. How great is that? You can send off your photo to relatives. We have plans to make postcards in the future.
The process of making this hardcover photo book was so easy. What's even greater, is that you save where you left off and sign back on and pick up where you left off. I never got confused at any moment. The uploading process was easy and picking out the layout was cake. I chose not to put any words inside the book. We each decided to write a letter to Levia in the back of the book. It's more personal that way.


We've already made plans to make future books from Artifact Uprising.
We were very impressed with the quality.
Not only was shipping fast, the production of the book was too.
I can't wait to look at this book with Levia and see her reaction every time she realizes that she has her own book.
Seeing her face the first time she saw it was priceless.
She loves it.
And we love it.
Love you Levia!

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