Friday, April 18, 2014

22 Months Old

Oh gosh! This past month Levia has proven to us how smart she really is.
She's such an amazing little being.
Everyday is something new.
She knows the alphabet A-Z and numbers 1-12.
Of course she cannot recite them in order, but she knows them!
We've been working on flash cards and so far they have been working.
I also have to give credit to the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom since they have the alphabet in the beginning and at the ending of the book. Levia also has to get credit for always asking us what letter is what. We'd even have her guess at times, she had trouble at first until she started getting them right.
We then bought flash cards in which she showed us she new every single letter.
It's amazing how one book can make a difference.
She still signs a lot. I love you, thank you, please, more, eat, yes, finish, milk, Mama, Dada, baby, diaper, and beautiful are words she can sign so far. This month I'll try to add another 2, hopefully she picks them up with no problem.
Levia still loves her "meih meih", which are bananas to her. She'll do her best to reach up to the counter and grab them so she can snack. I love that we've also introduced Kefir yogurt drinks, she loves them. I found some frozen pops since some days tend to get really hot. I hope they're yummy though! I have no idea how great a Kefir pop is.
She still has a deep love and connection to her babies.
Her favorite are her stuffed dog, cat, sheep, and her baby.
She has to take them everywhere.
Of course we limit her to one (sometimes 2) in fear that she might lose one.
Potty training is something we're still working on. We don't force it but she's almost ready to start going on her own. She's still not 2, so we're in no hurry to pressure her. She'll let us know when she's ready.
Levia only watches her nursery rhyme videos and My Baby Can Read with the exception of Peppa the Pig. Oh how she loves Peppa!
I cannot count how many times Levia has made us laugh this past month.
I seriously think she's the funniest.
I know it's because she's learning.
But her curiosity just mesmerizes me.
Here's to an awesome month..
Happy 22 Months my Love!

I decided to post some of Levia's goofy pictures too.
They're too cute.
I'm glad we've had such a wonderful time capturing her monthly photos.
Next month will be her last one though.
What a bittersweet moment it will be for us.

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