Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday Funday

This whole weekend has been so gloomy. Luckily there was no sign of rain in sight today.
We decided that even though it was slightly cool we'd spend the evening at the beach.

Best decision ever!
We had such a lovely day. Levia wasn't too fond of the idea at first since she'd rather have had a nap. Once she saw there was water and sand, her mind quickly changed.
She's a mermaid!
Water is her favorite. We managed to see nature at it's finest. Fishes jumping out of water, birds flying around, and the calmness of the water reflecting the sky. It was beautiful. We also had the beach to ourselves! No one was there. I'm assuming since it was Easter, everyone decided to spend the day with family. Not us, we love using holidays doing something we all can enjoy.
I'm ready and looking forward to what this coming weekend will bring. Hopefully it's just as lovely!

Levia also got to wear her Salt Waters to the beach. Finally, shoes she can get wet without us worrying about her being barefoot. These run a little big on her feet, but they have to last us all summer! Last year we made the mistake of buying the right size, we didn't realize baby feet grow really fast. 

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