Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Handmade House Pillow

I am a big fan of decorative pillows.
They may range from beautiful patterns to pillows that are of different shapes.
I've made Levia many stuffed animals, but this time I made her a house shaped stuffed pillow.
I got this design from a picture I saw on Instagram.
It's so crazy how you can get a lot of DIY ideas from places like Etsy, Pinterest, and Instagram.
Sometimes I have no idea who the real designer are, which is sad. I love buying stuff for Levia that support small businesses. Handmade gifts are my favorite!

I sewed Levia's name along with our initials on this pillow. I'm sure the letter "B" may confuse some, but Baby Luna has no name yet. So I used "B" for Baby. Something that will let us look back and know that when I made this pillow I was pregnant.
This pillow is actually suppose to be sitting on Levia's bed, but it's made its way into our bedroom.
Levia has been pillow crazy that every night she has to bring her personal pillow, her boppy pillow, cat pillow, and her house pillow onto our bed.
 It's the only way she can get ready for bed.


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