Thursday, April 17, 2014

Salt Waters

Another awesome mail day. Levia's Salt Water Sandals are finally here. I spent a few nights looking at different websites to determine which store had the best deal. I also looked at the cost of shipping since that will affect the final price. Luckily I came across Nordstrom. The price was perfect! They have so many to choose from. I was eyeing the Tan colored ones, but they were sold out. I am glad they had the brown ones though. I already know what those look like since Levia was sporting the Sea Wees last year. She wore those at the pool, beach, and as everyday shoes. To this day, they still look new. Like I just took them out of the box.
I'm glad that Nordstrom offers so many Salt Waters for toddlers.
I know where I'm going for my next purchase since these will not be the last ones she owns.
When I say they are durable, I really mean it.
Luckily Levia's little sister will get the chance to wear them too.
So it's a double score!

(Levia is only 22 Months Old. She's currently a size 5, but I got her a 7. Something she can grow into since we'll be having one very long summer. )

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