Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Baby Luna's First Doll

I am so happy to finally see our Baby's first doll.
It came in the mail today from The Land of Nod.
It's perfect for her.
Not too girlie and not too boyish.
It's the perfect neutral doll!
I have a feeling I'm making more purchases from there after seeing this doll.
Everything about it is precious.
I actually thought it would be a lot smaller that what it really is, but he's very long.
I love his floppy arms and legs.
I just hope Baby Luna loves it too!

Another thing I love about this doll is his removable cape.
He's such a doll!
(The link to purchase this doll: Tough Boy Storm Doll
Isn't that name just perfect for him?! )

Happy Mail Day!

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