Saturday, May 18, 2013

11 Months Old

Hello 11 Months! You came faster than I could have imagined. Levia you have been learning so much, everyday you show me something new. You are brilliant, smart, beautiful, and very sweet. I could go on with everything that you are, you are every beautiful word that can be used towards someone times a thousand!
This month we have realized you have started to say a word that we both recognize. We came to the conclusion that it may indeed be your first word, that is "Chancho". (our dog) You love to talk to him, what secrets you share with him I do not know. He has grown to be your best friend, you spend countless minutes laughing at him while he zooms past you in hopes that you will one day chase him. You can't help it but think that he is just being funny. You do your best to be gentle but we all know that with time you will get better. You do your best to play fetch with him, grabbing the ball and trying your best to toss it so he can run after it and hand it to you. The ball may not travel far but he never fails to keep you happy. You both have shared some kisses, he loves to show you how much he adores you. Though we tend to get after him at times since he doesn't understand limits too well. He loves you no matter what. I'm so happy he has you.


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