Monday, May 13, 2013

Gift from Daddy

Levia's first birthday is about 6 weeks away, time has been going by way too fast these last weeks. We go to the store and find toys that will help with Levia's development skills. While at Target we managed to find one that we loved, B. Toys Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube. I love that it is big, bulky, and very sturdy. I should last for many years to come! Perfect if we ever decide on having baby #2. I love the bold, bright colours on it. Seeing how Levia plays with it is so much fun. She'll open the wooden doors and shut them, she'll stand up and jump with joy. She will go to the side with the alphabet and just run her fingers through it and watch the little cubes flip around. It's really cute! I do have one problem with it, but it's not the toy itself. Levia tends to pull on the toy while trying to stand up almost causing it to tip over. She doesn't always pull herself up that way. I read some reviews from other people about children getting their fingers caught in it, I don't see how that is possible yet. All I see is our little girl enjoying herself with her new toy.
I love how this activity cube gives Levia the extra boost to just crawl around in circles. She never seems to get tired.
It even allows her to stand up and explore what the top the cube has to offer.
She'll even do some squats while holding on, it's like she can't decide to play with the sides or the top of the cube. It's so funny, at the same time I know she's building up some of that leg muscle she will need to help her walk. Happy baby=Happy Momma!

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