Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Mother's Day

Mother's Day this past Sunday was simply special. Nothing extreme, just a nice simple gratitude from my husband and daughter. It's not about what you got and how much or how big it is. Simply making a thoughtful gift that comes from the heart is what makes Mother's Day extra special. I honestly didn't think my husband would do anything but he proved me wrong. A nice breakfast in bed to start my day was more than enough. (He made some homemade french toast, that was AMAZING!) Later he brought in a little painting from my daughter. That is what I look forward to, little things that you can keep and cherish forever. I don't need things with monetary value to make my Mother's Day. I have everything I need, a loving husband and a beautiful daughter.
I find it to be such an honor to be Levia's mother. She seriously is what makes my life great. I have been blessed beyond words.
I love you my Caroline!

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