Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Night of Sparklers

Memorial Day weekend just passed. Though it should be a weekend of remembrance, many have lost sight of what this holiday really means. We didn't do anything out of the ordinary, we didn't celebrate or give out the usual "Happy Memorial Day" like many have been saying. We stayed home, we had our own day to us. I have lost a friend to war, though he was already out of the Military he still lost his battle. He suffered from PTSD, as much as he tried to fight it and pretend that he was okay he finally gave in. To us, his friends, it was a shock. How could we have let this happen, how did we manage to miss all the signs. The fact was, the signs were there. I would say many of us refused to acknowledge them. We didn't know how to handle it. Had we known what the outcome would be, we know we would have tried harder to save him. I catch myself missing him on random days, it can be hard. I can still remember his voice, his face. How we would grab lunch together and just talk for hours. The day we went to see the Andy Warhol exhibit at the McNay together, that was a day I will never forget. When we went to Whole Earth and he bought me a little bumble bee that I still hold close to my heart, even though he doesn't hop like he did, he holds more value than anyone could ever imagine. To end this, I just have to say. PTSD is real, if you know anyone who suffers from it, help them! You could potentially save a life.
Here are a few photos of what we did as a family. Watching Levia look at sparklers was fun. It was something new she got to experience. Though I don't think she cared for it.

She may be little to understand about Memorial Day and Veteran's Day but I plan to teach her to always give thanks to those who fight for what we have no matter what branch they are. They deserve the acknowledgment and so much more.

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