Monday, May 13, 2013

Day at the Park

Last weekend we finally got to go out. It was such a blessing, it has been the only weekend that had no rain. We took advantage of it, I have been planing to go to the beach lately. Only the weather hasn't been right, it's either sunny cool or it's been raining. We're ready to put our bathing suits on and go for a swim! Maybe this weekend? I sure hope so.
Anyways, we spent our day at a park. It was so much fun. I love days like these! Days where it's all about Levia. I know she may be too little to get on everything and enjoy the park that older children do, but simply watching her smile and enjoy the day is what matters to me most.

Seeing these photos of her really makes me one of the luckiest Mother in the world. After we left the park, we managed to find a trail and while we were out driving. We decided to go for a nice little walk, it was beautiful. The only downfall is we left kind of early after we found some black widows lurking near the trails. It really scared us, keeping Levia safe is the most important thing to us. I highly doubt we will go back though.

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