Friday, May 31, 2013

Meow Dress

The dress I have been wanting for Levia has finally gone on sale! Yay! I ordered it on Monday and received it today, that was a fast delivery since it shipped on Tuesday. For anyone looking into getting cute clothes and shoes for little girls really have to check out Joy Folie, everything on that website is simply amazing! I love many of their shoes, but I'm waiting for Levia's feet to grow before I make a purchase. (She's 11 months and wearing a size 2 in infants, I'm so ready for her to rock some hard bottom shoes!) I ordered her the Cat's Meow Dress, I love every detail on it. The gold on it is just what I was looking for. Sizes start at 12 months, but since she has so many 12 month clothes I went with a size 2. I'm debating if it will be her birthday dress for when she turns 2, it seriously will be perfect!
Just look at the detail!
I can say this dress is just made so beautifully!

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