Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Back on Track

 Since I had surgery on the 12th working out was taken of my schedule.
Luckily since I've been healing quite well, I have slowly started to workout again.
Though I don't do anything extreme, I'm glad to be back on track.
I love working out at home.
I love working out in front of my girls.
I love that they are with me.
I feel like this is also a time to teach them.
Being healthy isn't just about eating, it's also about staying fit.
I have to admit that Levia loves when I work out.
She'll stand next to me and pretend to do some squats.
It' so darn cute.
Or she'll join me while I do yoga and crawl under me while I'm doing downward facing dog.
She thinks it's silly to lay down and look up at me.
Or how she'll do a salutation to the sun.
Now, that made my day when I saw her do that.

On an even better note.

I snapped more photos of my girls.
Though this post was about me,
my world revolves around them.
I choose to be healthy because I want them to learn how to be healthy.
We don't just eat healthy, but we also workout to keep ourselves happy and healthy.

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