Friday, February 6, 2015


 It's Friday and we are having an amazing day.
The sun is out, the weather is great, and my girls are having a wonderful time.
I love when we all wake up in a good mood.
When both girls are happy, our home is happy.
So I finally brought out Levia's wooden blocks.
I never thought that Rowan was at the perfect age for them already.
As you can see, she was pretty curious.
The way she looks at them, examining them, and then putting them into her mouth.

For the most part, my girls play on their own.
The fact that they don't need me to entertain them is a blessing.
I love watching them Learn and play on their own.
Levia has hit the "imagination" stage and she's got quite the creative mind.

As you can see, our day was just lovely.
Hope every one has an awesome day!

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