Friday, February 13, 2015

Pretty in Stripes

 There is one rule I had made and told myself when I found out that I was having another girl.
The rule was that, I would not buy matching clothes for them.
I do not have twins.
My girls are not twins!

I, myself am an identical twin.
We were dressed in matching outfits until about the 3rd grade.
And we were not fond of it, at all.
People always got us confused, we obviously looked like each other, and everyone was always confused as to who was who.

But, I'll be honest.
I have bought them a few matching clothes.
Sometimes I just can't help it.
I'll be at the store and see something I really love, I don't just want it for one of my girls, I want it for both of them.
I've been guilty of doing this 2 times.
And I have a feeling I will continue to be guilty of doing this as the years go by.

I'm totally okay with that.

My little girls.

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